Eve Lom Cleanser – Possibly the BEST cleanser in the world!

Cleanser is one of those skincare items that I normally tend to scrimp on. After all it’s only on your face for like 30 seconds before being washed down the drain. However, when Vogue tells you a product is “possibly the best cleanser in the world” you stand up and listen! The Eve Lom cleanser has become a must have item with a huge cult following. So of course being the beauty addict that I am, I had to try it!! Problem was though, it wasn’t available in Australia. Ha, like that has stopped me before! Nope, my big road block here was the price, as I said before, I don’t tend to splurge on cleansers. So the Eve Lom cleanser just lived in my shopaholic dreams until one day, Mecca Cosmetica had an Eve Lom twitter competition… and I was one of the winners!!!!!!!! I received a 100ml jar of the famous cleanser and a note asking me to let them know my thoughts. No worries! Lol *happy dance*

I have never used a cleanser with this kind of consistency before. It is a thick oily balm/gel, golden in colour and has a slightly grainy exfoliant-ish feel to it. Which once applied and massaged into the the skin melts into it, and the grainy bits dissolve. It contains an AMAZING blend of four aromatic oils designed to cleanse, decongest and soothe the skin. The herbal scent of the cleanser is refreshing and soothing. At first I was nervous that the Eve Lom cleanser’s thick consistency would add oiliness to my skin, but it doesn’t at all! Instead it melts away all the dirt, oil and make up from my face, leaving my skin feeling super clean and moisturised.

I ADORE the Eve Lom cleansing ritual! You take a small amount of product and massage it gently on all over your face. Once applied, soak the muslin cloth (comes with the cleanser) in hot water then hold the cloth to your face for 5 seconds, repeating 3 times. This process helps to activate the oils on the skin and let them take effect – it’s also very relaxing, wonderful for those cold winter nights! The final step of the ritual is to dip the cloth into cold water and use it to wipe away the cleanser from your face in circular motions, giving your skin a bit of gentle exfoliation at the same time.

After my first time using the cleanser, I was AMAZED at the condition of my skin! My skin was smooth and silky to the touch. It just felt refreshed and complete, like I’d gone through my whole skincare routine, not just used one product. Using the cleanser for the past few weeks has only increased this amazing feeling. I can see a noticeable difference in every aspect of my skin! It is now tighter, softer, my pores are smaller and less congested.

As much as I love the cleansing ritual, there is a bit of a downside. It takes a lot of patience. I mean, sometimes all you want to do is remove your makeup as quickly as possible and go to the bed! Your patience is highly rewarded though, so I didn’t mind it too much 🙂

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Eve Lom cleanser so far. It has become the cornerstone of my night time skincare routine. It is a product you can definitely rely on to perk up your skin, as well as remove makeup thoroughly. Eve Lom and her philosophy of less is more, has made luxury skincare easy. Every girl needs her daily dose of luxury and this cleanser offers exactly that. So go ahead and try it if you can – it really is the best cleanser in the world!

Available now at all Mecca Cosmetica stores, counters and online here.

Cleanser 50ml (with half size Muslin cloth) $68.00 AUD
Cleanser 100ml (with 1 Muslin cloth) $115.00 AUD
Cleanser 200ml (with 2 Muslin cloths) $186.00 AUD


3 Comments on Eve Lom Cleanser – Possibly the BEST cleanser in the world!

  1. pinkribbons
    September 17, 2010 at 7:57 am (7 years ago)

    Great review. I love this cleanser too.

    Check out my review if you have time.

  2. Jessica
    September 17, 2010 at 12:20 pm (7 years ago)

    I am really curious about this product, and interested to try it but am always skeptical about something that sounds too good to be true! Hopefully I can find a sample somewhere, or be as lucky as you and win some of the goodness!

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