Review: Carefree Flexia

As every woman knows, there comes a time once a month where we experience a strange phenomenon. We turn into raging biacthes or have pity parties that even a container of ice cream can’t cure! Luckily a few weeks ago I had been sent a little parcel of self-indulgence as a happiness motivation for when said phenomenon occurred. The package from Carefree included a collection of well tampons lol, but also vanilla bath salts, a candle, chocolates and a T2 tea bag. The perfect items for some girly pampering!

The purpose of the package was to try out Carefree’s new Flexia tampons. Which are the only tampons on the market designed with Softfolds flexible wings technology giving you the most advanced protection against leakages.

Ok first of all, I need to mention that I really like the packaging. A bit weird I know, but the silver box makes the tampons easy to find in your bag – they stand out but don’t really draw attention. My periods are never that heavy, therefore I generally don’t have problems finding a tampon that works for me. So I decided to give a friend of mine, who has a heavier period, the other pack of Carefree Flexia tampons to try out. Usually she would never go for the regular tampons for fear of leakages but she was really impressed with these, saying that they were the best regulars she’d ever used!

The Carefree Flexia tampons did an amazing job. We’re both impressed and would definitely use them again. They are comfortable, easy to apply and most importantly, they offer great protection!

Available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies, and come in Regular and Super.

As mentioned above the package was sent to me from Carefree via the Beauty Directory 🙂


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