Burberry Iconic Colour Nail Polish in English Rose, Metallic Khaki & Oxblood!

Burberry Beauty has recently added a spectacular new nail polish range to its luxury make up line. Woohoo! From vague memory it started with a capsule release of Spring shades but has now turned into a permanent range featuring 3 “Iconic Colour” families… Nudes, Reds and Intense shades (all of which can viewed on their official website here). I visited the counter last week to check out the colours and 3 came home with me: English Rose, Metallic Khaki and Oxblood. One from each colour family coincidently because that’s how I roll 😉 I was tempted by many more, but thought I’d see how these performed first, and oh boy, let’s just say I’m already planning future shades to purchase! It’s L.O.V.E love.


First up, the packaging. Each polish comes in the usual cream coloured textured cardboard box. Open it up and you’ll find a very sleek looking bottle with the signature Burberry print embossed onto the metallic cover, that actually covers about ¾ of the bottle (similar to their foundations), I find it slightly misleading as it looks like you only get a tiny amount of product but it’s pretty nonetheless. I also like that the shape is rectangular, making it’s very easy to store and matches all other Burberry products perfectly. Pull off the cap to reveal the polish, and phew, you do get a good amount of product (8 ml/0.27 fl oz). The polishes have a wide brush, which I love, making application just that little bit quicker. Efficiency FTW!

L-R: English Rose No.102, Metallic Khaki No.202 and Oxblood No.303

Ok let’s talk formula. The polishes are smooth and apply evenly onto the nail, even the metallic one. Pigmentation is good, though I found them to be a little on the sheerer side so definitely need at least 2 coats. The formula also dries fast with a glossy finish. I can’t comment too much on lasting time at this stage as I only swatched the first 2 for this post and I’m on my 3rdday of wearing Oxblood. So far so good though, the colour looks fresh with no chipping or tip wear. Awesome.

Beauty Haul Part 2: Burberry Beauty!

Hey lovelies, here’s part 2 of my beauty haulage! This time I’m sharing my Burberry Beauty bounty (had to find another “b” word, it fits right? haha). I’m officially obsessed with this brand now, the products are ah-maz-ing!Oh and in case you’re wondering, I ordered most of my items from Harrods (£25 flat rate international shipping) at the recommendation of the lovely Indigo!xoxoPs. Lol at my Asian “peace sign” above but was supposed to signify “Part 2”, hopefully it comes off that way!