NARS Fall 2013 Single Eyeshadows in Yamal, Bavaria & Kamchatka!

Continuing my coverage on all things NARS, today I bring you the brand new eyeshadows released with the NARS Fall 2013 Colour Collection!

I was lucky to receive 3 of the 4 new eyeshadows with the Fall 2013 Collection, the colours being Yamal, Bavaria and Kamchatka. The 4th eyeshadow released is Namibia and is a matte grey shade. The name’s of the new eyeshadows also follow the NARS standard convention of naming after world cities, which I like. It’s kinda like learning at the same time – had you guys heard of Kamchatka before? It’s a stunning peninsula in east Russia!

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NARS Eye Paints – Photos, Reviews & Swatches!

Bold shades and experimentation are words that normally come to mind when you think of NARS. Make up isn’t meant to be boring and I think NARS is one of those brands that do make you want to try new things. Think outside the ordinary. NARS shows this off well in their newest product on the market, the Eye Paint. A product for “beauty lovers who want to elevate their eye look”.


Chanel Holiday 2012 Make Up Collection!

One of my most anticipated make up releases of the holiday season is definitely the Chanel Holiday 2012 Make Up Collection (Éclats du Soir de Chanel). In fact, if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my daily checking status updates! Yep, I checked online stores daily after the counter release so that I could order it asap! Things people do to get their hands on make up lol.=&1=&

Tom Ford Silvered Topaz Eye Colour Quad!

Y’all know I know I love my neutral eyeshadows, however sometimes the usual brown shades can get a little boring and that’s when you know you need to bring a little taupe into the mix. One of my favourite taupe-y eyeshadow quads is definitely Tom Ford’s Silvered Topaz, and if the words “Tom Ford” haven’t already grabbed your attention, let me tell you why I adore it.=&0=&

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