Activance Hair Stimulant!

Activance is an amazing hair treatment, specially formulated with Rhodanide, that helps to strengthen, protect, thicken, and add volume to your hair. Sounds awesome no? Well, it also helps to relieve scalp irritation, dandruff and promote hair growth too!

All you need to do is apply 6-8 sprays to your roots, massage in and style as usual, then say hello to more fabulous hair! It is recommended that you apply it to damp hair but I find that if I apply it after showering in the mornings, it weighs my hair down a little and makes it less shiny. Hence I prefer to apply it to dry hair at night before bed as a sort of overnight treatment and it works great.

I will admit I didn’t see any immediate results using Activance but after a month or so of using the treatment, the results became very obvious. My hair feels much stronger so I have less breakage and split ends, and my hair also seems to be growing quicker. The overall look and feel of my hair has definitely improved by using Activance, even my hairdresser has commented on the change. I think everyone needs try this out, it’s a wonder product that helps to combat many common problems we have with our hair 😀

Available now for purchase online or check out the Activance website for your nearest stockist, RRP AU$55 for 200ml.


*Please note this product has been provided for consideration. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.

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